We are delighted to welcome wines from the family-owned Los Haroldos estate.

The winery is situated in San Martin region of the north valley of Mendoza.

Jorge Falasco, current director of the company and part of the 3rd generation, is in charge, along with his children, of continuing his father’s legacy: creating wines of excellence and quality.

The name “Los Haroldos” was chosen by Jorge himself, who wanted to honour his father and brother, who shared the same name. The angel rising a glass represents all the family angels who are no longer with them.

The use of grapes from wines grown on different soil, climates and regions in Mendoza, where winters are chilly, summers are dry and warm, nights are cool, soil are rich and melt water from the Andes is used for irrigating them, allows them to obtain a high quality product both in young wines and wines with aging potential.

The Wines

Nampe Cabernet Sauvignon

Nampe Malbec

Chacabuco Malbec

Chacabuco Torrontés

Los Haroldos Estate Blend

Los Haroldos Estate Bonarda

Los Haroldos Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Los Haroldos Estate Malbec

Los Haroldos Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Los Haroldos Reserva Malbec