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In late 2007 we started a new trade business called McAlindon Wines. The glassesphilosophy was very plain.  Offer mainly family owned and small to medium sized wineries. Avoid big branded mass produced wines and focus on the quirky and interesting.

Our portfolio has been sourced to satisfy the discerning independently owned restaurant and off licence customer.

Why Smaller Growers?
Globalisation, mass marketing and standardisation has filled wine shelves and
restaurants with too many wines that taste the same. Our experience has
taught us that small to medium sized growers who strive to make the best,
produce wines with more character. Many of them work both in their vineyards
and wineries – some even label their own bottles!This attention to detail and
understanding of vines, soils and the seasons is what sets apart such niche
growers from mass producers.

For information on McAlindon Wines, contact Neal, Peter McAlindon or Peter Rossiter (07712887184) or on 028 9050 5000