A wonderful amber colour, which is characteristic of amontillados.
Intense and elegant aromas that seduce and savoury notes that suggest hazelnut and toast.
Well balanced and structured with a lingering finish. The typical dryness is unmistakable and reinforce the
complexity and length of the wine.

Food pairings: With its tantalizing colour of burnished gold and nutty aroma, this wine is perfect for drinking with appetizers such as Iberian ham, nuts and mature cheeses. Its unique flavour is a great match for fresh fruit salads and melon served with ham.
If you prefer a traditional yet surprising combination with food from the south of Spain, try it alongside local fish such as dogfish and hake slowly cooked with saffron, bay leves and peas. Great with clams and popular with hot soups.
This wine will evolve well in the bottle for up to 3 years after purchase. Serve at an ambient cellar temperature of 12º to 13º and never very cold to avoid losing the delicate aromas; this applies if drunk as an aperitif or if served with a meal.