Pastora is a Manzanilla Pasada that comes from the ‘Solear’ solera system in Bodegas Barbadillo. It is aged two more years than Solear to allow it to develop greater body, depth and more ‘flor’ character. The final ‘solera’ stage of Pastora is in Barbadillo’s ‘Pastora’ bodega.

The original Pastora label is from so long ago there are no originals left other than a version in tiles embedded on the walls of one of Barbadillo’s bodegas. The brand is thought to be the oldest Manzanilla brand in existence and goes back to the first ever Manzanilla sold by Barbadillo, shortly after the company’s foundation in 1821.

Since then Barbadillo has continued to make Manzanilla from soleras that date back to the company’s foundation and in 2015 the family decided it was time to revive this brand with a Manzanilla that would have been very similar to the style so popular in the 19th century, a Manzanilla Pasada, and with minimal filtration, thus ‘En Rama’.

Pastora is a true ‘Pasada’ with its golden hue, pungent yeast, nut and chamomile flavour and is remarkably smooth.

Serving suggestions: Ideal with shellfish, hams, grilled vegetables and
all things salty. Serve slightly chilled.

37.5cl bottle