The Mönchhof (the “Monks House or Monks Court”), formerly a possession of the Cistercian Abbey at Himmerod, is one of the oldest wine estates in the Mosel valley. As early as 1177 documents from Pope Alexander III show the abbey owned vineyards in and around the village of Ürzig. Three centuries after the monks built the vaulted cellars, which are still in use today, the monks completed the estate manor in 1509. After the secularization period, the Eymael family purchased the estate from Napoleon in 1804 at an auction in Paris.

This is one of the few vineyards in the whole wine growing region planted on volcanic soil in combination with red slate soil (rhyolithe).  You can only find this rare combination of soils in this part of the Mosel valley. The Würzgarten meaning “spicy garden” surrounds the Mönchhof estate.  Special about the vineyard are the extremely old vines, some of which are more than 120 years old. While most European vineyards were destroyed by phylloxera in the 19th century, the vineyards in the Middle Mosel region survived thanks to their rocky soils, in which the insect couldn’t survive. The old vines generally produce loose hanging, smaller berries that are intense in taste. These berries are practically immune to botrytis and can ripen on the vine until the end of October. This makes them ideal for intense late harvest wines.

The Würzgarten among the Mosel’s many great sites is perhaps the most recognizable. Due to the heavy impact of the red slate tasters can immediately point out the Würzgarten. It produces wines, which combine a wide range of spicy notes with deep exotic fruit aromas.  Depending if the vintage was a hot or cool one, the wines are more opulently exotic and intense or elegantly fruity and precise.

Mönchhof Salve Riesling 2021
An off dry Riesling with spicy notes of red currant, green apple and grapefruit, on the palate slight fruity sweetness balanced by a refreshing acidity, very quaffable.

Mönchhof Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2019 (37.5cl)
“This Spätlese offers a tell-tale nose of brown sugar, melon, yellow peach, star fruit, elderflower, and smoke, all wrapped into a whiff of liquorice. The wine proves intense and nicely animating on the palate, where more pear, almond, and herbal elements add depth to the experience. The wine leaves one with a juicy and comparatively long feel in the finish.” Mosel Fine Wines, Mönchhof 2019 Vintage Report, 89 points /100 points

Mönchhof Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Auslese 2019 (37.5cl)
A selective picking with 40% noble rot. Aromas of melon, ripe apple, floral elements, a whiff of wet stone, and quite some fine spices. The wine is superbly light-footed yet multi-layered on the palate as fruity flavors interplay with minerals and honeyed elements. The finish is balanced and persistent. The elegance and finesse paired with sheer drinking pleasure offered by this dessert wine are simply remarkable!

Mönchhof Erdener Pralat Riesling Auslese 2002 (37.5cl)
2002 was a very balanced wine year with enough water and sun, without extreme conditions. A vintage that brought finely balance and perfectly racy Rieslings that will stay with us for some years to come. The Erdener Prälat vineyard was and is considered as one of the most legendary and most expensive pieces of land in the Mosel valley.