Think you’re a member of the ABC Club?

International Chardonnay is a great day to think again!

The popular widely planted Chardonnay grape variety has a tendency to divide wine drinkers, those who love it and the ABCs – Anything But Chardonnay!  Or those who say “I love Chablis but I hate Chardonnay”.

The Chablis region of Burgundy in France is one of the classic 100% Chardonnay growing areas, with its cool marginal climate it is ideal for producing crisp, steely unoaked Chardonnay with mineral and herbal notes, which is ideal as an aperitif or with light shellfish, fish and salad dishes.  In other areas of Burgundy it is often oak aged, often providing elegant full wines capable of aging e.g. Pouilly Fuissé, Meursault and Montrachet.

Most wine producing countries now make some wine from Chardonnay – Argentina, Australia, California, Chile, South Africa and Spain all making good examples.  These Chardonnay based wine differ from there French counterparts tending to give big buttery wines with tropical fruit flavours and lower acidity levels mainly due to the hotter climates.  In the past many people were put of Chardonnay due the heavy-handed use of oak giving too much vanilla, toast and coconut characteristics and hiding the fruit.  However, quality producers are now seeking to ensure that the oak which can add an extra dimension to the Chardonnay grape is now done in harmony with the fruit.

We have a fabulous range of Chardonnay from around the world, from Chablis to Argentina, Meursault to South Africa, unoaked and oaked we have the right one for you.

International Chardonnay Day Thursday 25th May 2023

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