The craft, pot-stilled, triple grain recipe is infused with carefully-sourced, quality botanicals. Rested for around six weeks in whiskey casks, Belfast 1912 gin features a supremely smooth flavour.

A finely balanced juniper-led gin with fresh pine flower aromas, a hint of sweet grain and spicy rye spirit notes complemented with a fruity citrus whole-fruit top note, Belfast 1912’s complex, triple grain recipe is pleasingly smooth on the palate and full-bodied and rounded in its delivery.

The juniper freshness heralds a dry mid-palate and a full-bodied, rounded flavour. A Tahiti lime finish with hints of other citrus notes makes Belfast 1912 a quintessentially classic premium gin.

Its unique versatility places Belfast 1912 perfectly in a classic cocktail or refreshing G&T, whilst its smooth complexity delivered through the cask resting process makes it an ideal sipping drink and especially loved by whiskey drinkers.