Château Leoville Barton

Bordeaux, France

Mélanie is the 10th generation of the Barton family.

The extensive, bicentennial history of the Bartons has long awaited the arrival of Mélanie and her passion for wine to have its first oenologist.

After a B.T.S. viti-oeno in Bordeaux-Blanquefort, she continues her journey to the other side of France, to Dijon in the heart of Burgundy, to obtain a degree in vine science. Two internships in Médoc wine estates encouraged her to continue her studies to refine her knowledge and naturally enrolled at the D.N.O. (National Diploma in Oenology) at I.S.V.V. from Bordeaux. Of course, field experience is complementary to theoretical training, so Mélanie completes 2 internships, including one in a beautiful property in Tuscany, Italy.

In 2013, with her diplomas and field experience, she joined the new family adventure at Château Mauvesin Barton in Moulis en Médoc, where she is in partnership with the cellar master, who has been present on the property for over 30 years.

Ten years later, she is now the Technical Director of Mauvesin Barton and participates in the major viticultural decisions.