Bodegas Ostatu

Rioja, Spain

“Ella es Mariasun, la mediana de los hermanos que formamos Ostatuy "la jefa“

“She is Mariasun, the middle of the brothers we formed Ostatu and "the boss" 

The Sáenz de Samaniego family has been dedicated to viticulture for centuries. We inherited it from our ancestors and have kept the tradition alive into the present. Passion, respect, and love for the vineyard and land as unique as that found in Rioja Alavesa guide us to craft wines with personality that come alive.

“I live and am from Rioja Alavesa, I consider myself privileged to belong to this small corner of the world, and to be able to enjoy everything it offers us, while I enjoy making it known to those who come to meet us. It never disappoints.”